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How to Get Started on a New Construction Project

Interested in constructing a new building for your practice, or remodeling your existing hospital? Not sure how to get started? Here are a few ways KSA can help:

Speaking with an architect can be helpful if you do not know the answer to some of these questions:

  • Should we build new or remodel the existing clinic?
  • Should we stay at the same location or relocate?
  • How do I evaluate several building sites?
  • How large should the building be?
  • What is required for local government approval?
  • How much will my project cost?

Knapp Schmidt Architects can advise you on many of these topics, drawing on our decades of experience working with veterinarians with similar questions. You can either call us directly, or fill out the Business and Building Overview questionnaire available on our website. This form provides a useful basis to start a Telephone Conversation with an architect. We will call you at whichever time you designate on the Business and Building Overview questionnaire. There is no charge for a telephone conversation.

Knapp Schmidt Architects offers several specific planning services.
A Feasibility Analysis is an excellent way to begin any construction project if you are uncertain about any of the above or other topics. The services provided in this analysis include a personal site visit, establishment of a construction budget, review of local government requirements, and sometimes evaluation of several different locations. A conceptual site plan is usually included in the final report. The Feasibility Analysis Report is a useful document to provide to banks and other financing institutions, to partners, spouses, and even to selected local builders. The fees for this work will be credited against Programming Phase fees if you elect to hire Knapp Schmidt Architects for building design services at a future date. We will prepare and send you a proposal for this service at no charge

If you are planning a new hospital and have your building site selected, or are planning tenant space improvements, we can prepare a Proposal for Architectural Services upon request. To complete the proposal, we will need to know on the purpose for the building, the location of the building, the size of the building. The proposal will establish a project construction budget and describe services and fees. There is no charge for preparing a proposal for architectural services.