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KSA's specialty of designing animal care facilities means that we specify materials with particular characteristics. They must be durable, washable, and attractive. We are always looking for new products that will contribute to the overall success of our buildings.

Vendors are invited to make presentations to our staff to educate us about the qualities of particular products. Here are some types of materials we use.

  • Flooring/Wall Covering: When using sheet vinyl, we prefer seamless floors with integral cove base. We frequently use ceramic or porcelain tile with epoxy grout and poured epoxy floors.
  • Sound Control: We are interested in products that will absorb sound. These products also need to function well in high moisture conditions.
  • Animal Housing: We like to keep current with any animal containment products, including cages, kennels, etc. for small animals. We also need current information about installations for large animals.
  • Miscellaneous Hospital Equipment: Exam and surgery tables, scales, x-ray equipment, medical gas lines and scavengers, etc. are selected by our clients, but we need to know equipment specifications to coordinate with building design.

Please write or email KSA to request a meeting with our specification writers.


We routinely seek local general contractors and trade-workers for construction of our projects. Please send or e-mail company information to confirm your interest in a particular project.


KSA offers employment to qualified professionals. We are a medium-size architecture firm with a nationwide clientele. Occasionally we have openings for architects, architectural technicians, construction managers, and structural and mechanical engineers. Individuals interested in applying for employment should submit a resume and cover letter explaining why you think your experience and interests would mesh with KSA's niche market.

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