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          Knapp Schmidt Architects: specialists in veterinary architecture.  
New Small Animal Hospitals
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Knapp Schmidt Architects has exclusively designed animal care facilities, primarily veterinary hospitals and clinics, since 1972.

With over 30 years experience and more than 500 buildings designed and constructed, the firm's founder E. John Knapp and current owner Mark J. Schmidt are recognized to be experts in their field. They have spoken at numerous veterinary conventions, hospital design conferences, and university veterinary gatherings on the subject of appropriate construction principles for the safety and comfort of owners and their animal patients.

Animal care facilities actually require more knowledge of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and construction materials, than do human healthcare buildings. Both sound control and odor control are of vital concern to animal care facility owners and their neighbors.

An important part of the architectural design responsibilities for any building is the selection and supervision of the engineers who design the HVAC systems. KSA architects work only with engineers who understand the special needs of animal care facilities. Every project is supervised closely to ensure that the HVAC design standards are met in the construction documents, and that the equipment is manufactured and installed as designed.

Architects are professionals, are licensed by each state, and are represented by a professional organization, AIA (American Institute of Architects). As such they are highly educated and required to pursue continuing education to keep current with ongoing knowledge. KSA architects are licensed in 25 states and will become licensed in your state upon request for services.

Many clients have a floor plan in mind, and/or an exterior design style they want for their building. Often they provide drawings or photographs. Your architect has the ability to interpret and develop your requests and desires. KSA has the experience with animal care facilities to achieve your goals.

It's a matter of creativity, knowledge, experience, and education, all of which KSA can provide.

BELOW: Principal Architect Mark Schmidt in the KSA exhibit booth at the American Association of Equine Practitioners conference in November of 2001.